The Equine Touch

Learning Equine Touch

Anyone can learn the Equine Touch! You don't need a great amount of knowledge of equine anatomy to attend the first level, if you make the moves, as taught, in the areas as shown, you WILL have results. The courses are suitable for everyone.

The Foundation course was designed for the horse owner who will use the Equine Touch as part of the management routine for their own and their friends' horses but also as the first level toward Practitioner certification. Practitioners of other equine modalities have found the basic body balance a powerful addition to their toolbox.


The Foundation Course - Level 1

The foundation clinic involves three days of intensive hands on training as well as guiding the student toward an understanding the ethos behind the discipline. The unique Equine Touch move is taught and students practise upon one another before transferring their newly acquired skills to the horse. By the end of the third day the student will have learnt the basic body balancing routine for horse and rider and addressing specific for 'areas of concern'. A certificate is issued. Cost 320.

The Advanced Course - Level 2

On the three day Advanced clinic the student is guided through a review of the Foundation procedures where 'the move' is fine tuned and an advanced body balancing routine is taught along with new area of concern procedures. The theoretical principle behind the Equine Touch is discussed along with discussion on it's synergy with dentistry, hoof balancing and other positive influences in the health care of the horse. On a successful assessment a certificate of proficiency is issued. Cost 320.

About Equine Touch


The Equine Touch was evolved in 1997 by Jock Ruddock when he was requested by a client to translate his unique form of human bodywork to her equine companion - and the rest, as they say, is history! News soon spread of the sometimes miraculous results Jock was achieving by addressing the horse as a 'whole' and encouraging the body's innate healing system to help itself and he was invited to conduct seminars to introduce the Equine Touch to veterinarians and trainers throughout Europe. It was on one of these seminars that Jock met his future wife, Ivana, who was at that time teaching at a veterinary University in the Czech Republic. With Ivana's exceptional knowledge of anatomy and physiology and Jock's amazing instinctive bodywork skills they studied, refined and researched the mechanics of the horse, as well as its energy patterns and emotional armour. The routines were evolved to turn the Equine Touch into the growing and living modality that we know today, known and recognised as a premier equine care discipline worldwide from Norway to New Zealand.

The Equine Touch has been described by equine veterinarians as

''the ultimate hands on modality for horses"

What is Equine Touch?

Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive energy and muscle release discipline that works at a complete, holistic level; in other words it addresses the equine as a whole. It is not a 'therapy' although it has been proven time after time to have a strong therapeutic effect on an eclectic multitude of equine problems, which is why we have come to believe that the Equine Touch is perhaps best looked upon as an holistic equine training 'discipline'. The gentle non-invasive procedures re-educate the equine body to re-balance from a cellular level, encouraging the horse toward the ideal state of homeostasis, wherein any problem can be addressed on all levels.

The above is the 'official' definition of the Equine Touch - it is the first basic understanding and the starting point for every student and Practitioner of the Equine Touch, but each student who comes to learn the procedures, whether already a Practitioner of another equine therapy or simply a horse owner who wants to learn how to help their own horse, has to work with the modality and grasp the concept and understanding of what the Equine Touch is in their own way. Each will verbalise quite differently what the Equine Touch is to them and the horses they body balance and indeed each will gain an ever changing understanding as the responses from every horse they use the procedures upon, teaches them more.

On a practical level a pre-determined series of gentle moves are made over specific points including the fixed and insertion points of muscles and tendon, belly of muscles and opposing muscle groups, in a choreographed routine. Observation periods intersperse the routine that allow the horse to recognise and process the effects of these subtle procedures. The Equine Touch as a system of bodywork, helps to teach us how to better understand and help our horses. It can be looked upon as a 'gift to the horse' from the horse owner, encouraging the horse's own body to move toward balance and to maximise the efficiency of the body systems whatever the current state of disease. It is non-invasive and non-diagnostic and can be used when other forms of bodywork are contra-indicated.

The Equine Touch is just as complimentary to orthodox veterinary medicine as it is to nutrition, chiropractic, homeopathy, aromatherapy, dentistry, hoof care and herbal medicine. How does it work? Recent research has led us to believe that the Equine Touch works through the intelligence network of the body, the fascia. However it also appears in places to work via the golgi receptors, the spindle cells, trigger point release mechanisms, acupuncture points, meridians, neuromuscular receptors and to directly address the lymphatic system. As it is totally holistic, Equine Touch addresses the body at all levels, physical, chemical, emotional and some would say, spiritual. It also has the ability, due to the fact that it will often address the better side first, of supplying a blueprint of how that particular part of the body should be when it is correctly functioning. As a result when the 'area of concern' is addressed it will be aware of what is required of it to heal or balance itself.